SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards for Schools & Education

Evelyn Payne

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards for Schools & Education

Have you ever wondered what SMART Boards are and what makes them so special?

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards for Schools & Education are interactive whiteboards that allow you to create, display, and share information easily. According to i3-Technologies, they’re also perfect for researching and sharing in a classroom.

This post will discuss the benefits of SMART Boards and how they can benefit your school or classroom. We’ll also highlight some of the top-rated SMART Boards for schools and much more!

What are the benefits of SMART interactive whiteboards?

They are easy to use

SMART boards are easy to clean and require low maintenance. They eliminate the need for chalk, markers, and other writing materials. SMART boards use specialized pens for highlighting, drawing, and writing. This eliminates the mess in the classroom and eliminates the need for cleanup. They also do not require too much technical know-how to apply. This benefits the students because they do not have to take on an extra workload to use the interactive boards.

They promote interactive learning

SMARTboard interactive whiteboards promote interactive learning in the classrooms. They allow students to interact with the learning material and become part of the lesson. With interactive whiteboards, educators can also teach each other. Interactive learning helps children understand lessons better by touching, drawing, and writing on the boards. Learners can also participate in educational games. With the right approach, educators can have all students participate in learning activities, which helps improve their apprehension. Additionally, students can provide immediate feedback so educators and learning institutions can assess their progress.

They educators to integrate various teaching styles

Interactive whiteboards educators apply various teaching styles into a single experience. For instance, teachers can incorporate visual, auditory, and interactive teaching styles. This is beneficial for teachers and learners. Teachers learn novel, innovative ways of imparting knowledge. On the other hand, students get better education quality, learn better, and remember more.

They encourage flexibility in the classroom

Interactive whiteboards also encourage flexibility in the classroom. Teachers and students do not depend on the conventional blackboard and chalk technique. Interactive whiteboards allow educators to use various media types displayed on the boards. For instance, educators can use photos, maps, illustrations, and video content to conduct lessons. This inspires students to get creative within and outside the classroom.

They promote integrated technology

Interactive whiteboards allow for integrations for various technologies to enhance the learning experience. They are known as SMART interactive boards because you can connect them with almost any device you can think of. For instance, you can connect them with computers, microphones, cameras, video cameras and other devices. This creates unlimited possibilities for learners and educators in the schools and education sector.

They allow educators to use online resources

Interactive whiteboards are connected to the internet. This allows students and educators to use online resources, tools, and information in their lessons. Teachers also have limitless access to enhance and support lessons. Students also enjoy rich resources for research and learning.

Interactive whiteboards have been proven effective in the schools and education sector. They increase attentiveness among students, enhance comprehension, improve test scores and literacy. Now that you know they are highly effective, you can look at some options on the market. Below are some of the top-rated SMART boards for schools;


This interactive whiteboard uses the latest intuitive technology for an enhanced learning experience. It allows students to create, share, communicate, collaborate, and access resources. It has a touchscreen interface, stores all content, is easy to use, and is large enough to be used by an entire classroom.

Google Jamboard

This is Google product designed or real-time cloud interaction. It features a 55-inch 4K touchscreen display with cross-platform support. It allows educators to create lesson plans, challenge their students, solve problems, and allow students to participate in lesson plans.

50-Inch Touch Force 4K UHD Monitor

This is one of the best smartboards for schools as it combines the latest integrated reality technology with HD picture quality. It offers all the standard benefits of interactive whiteboards and storybook creator, cyber chase lucky star, and PBS kids tools. These tools enhance problem-solving, comprehension, reading, and algebraic thinking skills.

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards for Schools & Education Summary

There are dozens of options on the market. The three above are a drop in the ocean. SMART boards are great for other applications besides classrooms. Businesses and various industries also enjoy their benefits.