Dedicated Servers

What are dedicated servers?

First of all, a server is a machine/computer that is used to control other units that are either directly or indirectly linked to it. From that definition, then we can comfortably say that a dedicated server is a machine that is particularly used for a specific objective.

If you happen to be a web owner, then you already that for your website to be visible on the internet, then you must have a web host. These servers are the one used to host website.

In terms of web hosting, a dedicated server is used to host one website while shared servers may be used by more than one website depending on the amount of traffic each of those websites attracts.

Why Use a Dedicated Server for your Business website?

The aim of any business is to have as many customers as possible if that business mainly depends on the internet for the daily operations, then your website needs huge traffic for it to guarantee productivity. One of the many issues that affect the web traffic is the web host. The web host you choose may either make your website more efficient or very frustrating.

Usually, Dedicated servers are meant for sites that are likely to attract high web traffic since it will have the potential to virtually store more data at ago. Remember that, the more people visit your site the more data is being downloaded if the server gets to its capacity, it will become very difficult for more visitors to open your website and navigate around. Some of the things likely to be experienced include the website hanging or a web page taking to long to load. We all know the impact such issues are likely to have on your potential customers who may be trying to access the website.

Apart from that, if you happen to be using a dedicated server, then cases of break down are very rare since the server has been particularly structured for your website. Most cases of server breakdown are usually as a result of a lot of websites using one server, such a server is exposed to more vulnerability as any of those websites can lead to its breakdown.

Also, the time taken to restart or repair a dedicated server is little, which means that the chances of your websites going offline for a long time are eliminated.

Besides, when using a dedicated server, you do not have to worry about third-party activities. Usually, if you happen to be using a shared server, the activities happening on one website will definitely affect the effectiveness of other websites. With a dedicated server, regardless of what time it is, the website efficiency will never be compromised due to such issues.

Last but not least, there is nothing that can cause sleepless night for an online business person like imagining that somebody may compromise the security of information stored on the website. If you happen to have a dedicated server, that should be least of your worries since it very difficult to access its database compared to the shared server which any website that is directly linked to that server can easily access the data of other websites that are networked to that server.