Alternative HackerRank Options: Best HackerRank Alternatives


Alternative HackerRank Options: Best HackerRank Alternatives

If you are searching for alternative Hackerrank options or just curious about other high-quality options, then this post is for you. We will provide a list of alternative services that you can visit to practice your code against real challenges or facilitate your hiring process. Geektastic offer a comprehensive comparison between HackerRank and their closest competitors.

With rapid technological development, the demand for developers in the IT sector is also skyrocketing. But evaluating and onboarding the best talent for uninterrupted company growth is not a cup of tea. Again, with the increasing competition and higher demand for technical jobs, getting hired for your desired post at a top-rated company is becoming more challenging. While recruiters rely on different coding tests tools to hire employees, developers can also sharpen their skills using these platforms. 

HackerRank is a leading coding testing site. Following its launch in 2009, a slew of new sites has sprung up as alternative HackerRank to provide interesting new features to test your coding skills.

What is HackerRank

HackerRank is a market-leading cloud-based centralised programming interview platform that helps interviewers identify and select the best developers. With more than 11 million developers, HackerRank is also a coding hub for engineers to practice programming and get well-prepared for technical interviews. 


  • HackerRank supports 8+ frameworks and 40+ programming languages.
  • It features SSO (Single Sign-on) to safeguard workflows by configuring access permission. 
  • It supports effortless integration with some leading ATS. 
  • Portal offers programmers coding challenges, lessons, and games to improve their skills.
  • You can also get reports on your scores and performance and apply at companies with your HackerRank coding challenge score. 

But while some feel the coding examples are incorrect, some simply do not like the interface. Moreover, HackerRanks doesn’t have any anti-cheating method to check if someone else is having the test. 

Moreover, for some recruiters, the system is not set up well for conducting interviews. 

No matter what reasons you have, if you want to switch to another top-quality coding platform for honing your skills, check out our list of alternative HackerRank. 

HackerRank Alternatives


If you need a coding test site clone to HackerRank, LeetCode can be your ultimate choice. It is a well-organised IDE tool that aims to help you scale your knowledge with lessons and challenges. 


  • Supports front-end frameworks, algorithm, database coding interview
  • LeetCodes comes with 1900+ coding questions categorised as Easy, Medium, and Hard and supports 14 coding languages.
  • Shows company-tagged coding questions over a specific period
  • With the LeetCode community, developers can discuss and solve different coding issues and land their FAANG-level dream jobs!
  • Besides the feature-some free version, LeetCode comes with a premium subscription plan offering a built-in debugger and interview simulations.

Are you searching for an all-in-one platform to sharpen your coding skill? AlgoExpert would undoubtedly be a great choice! 

Though you would not find the user-submitted answers or a leaderboard, developed by an ex-Facebook/ex-Google software developer, it has been a reliable programming learning source for many developers who got hired by some leading tech-giants, like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and more!


  • AlgoExperts provides job seekers with 150+ carefully curated challenges.
  • With 10+ hours of video content offered by the AlgoExpert team, learning programming and algorithms have become easier like never before!
  • It offers video explanations in 9 different languages, including Typescript, Kotlin, C++, Python, Swift, Java, C#, JavaScript, and Swift.
  • It has two segments: Behavioral Interview Prep to scale your interview conduct skills and Coding Interview Assessment to ace technical tests.
  • Its intuitive Code Execution Environment empowers programmers to write and execute their algorithms straight on the site. 


CodinGame is a free and fun way to learn and level up your coding skills while getting noticed by tech giants for the best career opportunities. You Now have the power to unleash your inner programming skill and start coding with this one-stop solution. 


  • Built on Comparative Score Technology, the CodinGame for Work enables recruiters to evaluate developers based on how well they have performed compared to other challengers rather than their own technical skills. 
  • With CodinGame code playback, interviewers can get actionable insights by accessing the candidates’ codes, performance reports, execution time, etc. 
  • CodinGame is a community of smart developers offering challenges in 25+ hot programming languages, like Swift, F#, Java, Python, Kotlin, JavaScript, C, C#, C++, Go, PHP, etc.
  • Developers can pick the companies they want to show their reports. 


Partnering with more than 1500 clients and enterprises globally, Codility is a leading alternative to HackerRank that aims to help recruiters hire at a fast rate remotely. It is also an excellent platform to learn and polish your programming skills by enrolling in Codility hands-on courses and challenges. 


  • Great for hiring senior software engineers
  • Codility features pre-built coding tests and allows interviewers to customise and design the questions according to their company requirements and real-world issues. 
  • It supports ID confirmation, plagiarism detection, and leaked tests notifications as a part of the Codility anti-cheating method. 
  • It supports various languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, Pascal, C, C#, C++, etc., and offers lessons and challenges to fine-tune your programming skill. 


Founded in 2015, CoderPad is another excellent, simple yet smart, and powerful tool to practice coding to crack your next technical interview. It is also an excellent alternative to HackerRank that empowers you to supercharge your coding skill with CoderPad free practice Sandbox!


  • CoderPad is a SaaS-based programming platform that supports 30+ coding languages, like Java, JavaScript, C, C++ Ruby, and more. 
  •  Its intuitive coding environment is incredible to write codes and run them against custom test cases. 
  • Recruiters can use CoderPad pre-built coding tests, customise them or set up live interview questions, and collaborate with team members in real-time to ease the recruitment process. 
  • It enables you to upload custom files and database environments and seamlessly integrates with numerous top-notch ATS systems.