The process of carrying out a migration of your data center

Evelyn Payne

The process of carrying out a migration of your data center

A Data Centre Move is in most cases a complex, high-risk thing to need to have to undertake. However, you will have peace of mind from all of these risks if you consider opting for the employment of an IT Relocation company. These are the real tech-savvy people, considered to be some of the finest IT experts in the industry. The primary key to success for your IT Relocation project is indeed thorough planning. When relocating a Date Centre or moving servers, you would not want it to be done any other way. This perhaps explains why people use particular equipment and methodologies when carrying out a server relocation.

For recession planning, it is also possible to remain on the site, perhaps to have them immediately in case any testing conducted is unsuccessful.

Comprehensive Technical Project Management comprises of many deliverables at the initial stages, but slight changes may be effected following further analysis. It includes the following:

  1.  Project initiation (issuance of PID and other relevant project management documents)
  2.  Discovery
    · Assemble background and documentation
    · On-area equipment (and audit of all equipment and devices)
  3. Design
    · Review of the existing assets, connection information, and creation of new environment build, patching, rack plans, and cabling
    · Design of new networks as well as storage cabling and racking infrastructure
    · Design of new data centre cabling and racking infrastructure
  4. Planning
    · Strategy for migration
    · Provisioning of the technical infrastructure
    · Risk planning & management
    · Operational processes
    · Testing & acceptance management
    · Migration of the infrastructure
  5. Execution
    · Managing the new environment & infrastructure build
    · Management of transitional & retained systems change/integration
    · Delivery of prepared and pre-cabled environment, just ready for migration of the IT equipment
    · Delivery & management of the migration of all the associated hardware in multiple phases
    · Quality, testing, & acceptance management
  6. Close
    · Preparation & handover of the project for operational team(s)
    · Formal closure of the task project

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