SAP basis monitoring: What It Is and How It Helps You Improve Your Business


SAP basis monitoring: What It Is and How It Helps You Improve Your Business

If you are among the new companies that have not yet fully understood the idea of what sap basis monitoring is, it is important to learn its basics as it helps you manage and display the status and work processes in all the SAP system’s servers. This post will explain what sap basis monitoring is and how it can improve your business.

We’ll also describe the benefits of sap basis monitoring and where it can help with your business’s bottom line.

What is sap basis monitoring?

SAP basis monitoring is a routine activity where you check whether the system activities are performing as intended. It helps the Basis administrators to understand system-related issues in advance and take corrective actions early enough to avoid frequent system downtime that affects the end-users.

Through SAP Basis Monitoring, your Basis team can monitor their applications’ performance from a single console, see alerts when there are issues, diagnose and troubleshoot problems and use Unified Service Manager to plan using charts and graphs. The optimal performance of your systems will increase the profitability of your organisation. You can focus your monitoring on ABAP stack, Oslevel checks and Java Stack.

How sap monitoring helps you improve your business

SAP monitoring is important in any business with complex systems as there is a high risk of something going wrong. System errors will slow down the system, thus affecting its effectiveness, especially to the end-user (all the organisation’s departments, your databases and the customers). Below are some benefits of SAP monitoring in a business.

It saves a lot of time

The first benefit of SAP monitoring in a business is that it saves a lot of time. Your SAP team can spend almost a whole day monitoring the systems if you have numerous systems in your organisation. This process can lead to unhappy employees as it is tedious, boring and repetitive thing they have to do every day.

Since the system can run into serious errors at any time of the day, manually checking the system at specific times of the day may not be effective enough as there will be large gaps in time when there is no one watching the system. Automated monitoring will help you avoid all these challenges, thus allowing your staff time to concentrate on critical functions of your business.

Helps businesses identify issues at an early stage

The other advantage of SAP monitoring is that you will be in a position to identify failure early.

The early detection of SAP failures can help you prevent the enormous losses caused by unexpected shutdown of Sap systems. Since Sap errors and failures have a domino effect, the slightest error can cause serious performance issues that will lead to delayed run times and cause a system overload. Identifying the errors before they become critical issues can save your business a lot of money.

This is particularly useful clinical lab management.

Leads to more focused IT teams

Since automation of SAP monitoring eliminates the routine, mundane tasks, your IT team can have time to focus on project work and complex troubleshooting. Employees concerned about their growth will be more satisfied with the more challenging projects than spending their whole day on tedious tasks that do not bring new experiences. This leads to improved employee retention because your employees will not be looking for organisations where they can grow their skills.

How sap basis monitoring can benefit your company’s bottom line

While SAP monitoring is not the most exciting job, it is key to SAP HANA performance and the security of your system. For your Sap system to work well, it needs to be regularly monitored, upgraded and patched to prevent issues like slow response times that lead to a decrease in productivity. Additionally, consistent SAP Basis support will help minimise security threats that can lead to huge financial losses or loss of customers’ trust. For example, Your SA Basis support will install a patch as soon as it is released, eliminating vulnerability to hackers.

How to choose a sap basis monitoring provider and why is the best option

When choosing a sap basis monitoring provider, organisations must choose the provider with a system that allows them to identify issues fast, find the root cause of the issue and get the system back into its optimum performance as fast as possible. Such a system should be easy to use, clear and concise and easy to install and configure.

Most organisations choose Avantra basis monitoring because it has kept all the above requirements when developing its SAP monitoring, management and analysis system. Avantra takes only a few hours to install (without the help of external consultants), plus it offers extensive automated daily checks.

Additionally, you can track changes to SAP system configurations, parameters and profiles via notification, an extra security measure.