Instance That Need Mobile App Redesigning

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Instance That Need Mobile App Redesigning

1. Rebranded

Mobile app redesigning is important when you have rebranded your product or your company that can affect the mobile application. In such a scenario, designers can recollect the functionality of the former app focusing on graphical updates only. In many cases, an overall upgrade is important based on the vision of your new brand.

2. Competing Apps

Competition is usually considered as the main motivator for product enhancement, this shouldn’t worry you as there is nothing wrong with it. In case, the competitors in your industry are transforming their mobile application to conform with the modern requirements, you should also do the same to give your customers a refreshing and a new experience with your mobile app.

3. Losing Popularity In App Stores

If your mobile application begins to lose Google Play Store and Apple App Store popularity, its high time to think about redesigning your app and make efforts to learn about mobile apps. Chances are that users can be finding faults with your mobile app and they may be giving you negative feedback on the review section making your app to lose popularity. Improving or remodelling your iOS or Android app is the only option you have without giving it a second thought. You can get in touch with an iPhone or Android app development company to redesign your app.

4. Targeting New Audience

When you trying to target new audience you should think about redesigning your app. This is quite, especially if you want to raise your revenue with the new audience. Make sure you keep in mind young users who have enthusiasm for the modern and the latest trends while redesigning your app. You can learn about mobile apps latest trends and try to incorporate them to attract new and young users through your mobile app redesign.

App Redesign

How Mobile App Redesign Can Increase Your Conversation Rate

1. Advanced Usability

When you redesign your app with the latest user interface designs you are improving both its appearance and usability. If you are wondering how a mobile app redesign can improve usability, learn about mobile apps user interface trends of 2018 that gives attention to design trends that should be taken care of to give you some insights.

2. Attractive Yet Appealing

Every single day as you fashion is changing and taking a new route. Colours and designs that were liked sometimes back now look unattractive and boring to users. So, if your app is targeting the young generation then it must be designed with up to date trends. New and young people like modern looks and would select an app that is attractive. This is the main reasons as to why you should learn about mobile apps latest design trends and follow them when redesigning your app. Young and new people are usually attracted to the simple, intuitive and modern user interface.

3. Enhanced Personalization

At the moment, almost ninety percent of mobile apps are using artificial intelligence to collect user’s information, learn about their preferences and what they need and deliver just that information to a customer. Moreover, a number of the modern mobile apps that you will find allow users to select a theme, create their own stickers, delete or add tools from the provided toolbar. With these easy and simple to use features, they can generate a personalized user interface of a mobile application.

4. Improve your Mobile Application Performance

You might not be aware that most users like things that usually happen when they hit a certain action with the modern technology. It can be very irritating for your users if your mobile app takes time to load, open and connect. The efforts of using the best graphics, engineering your app with the best design as well as its layout can increase the size of the content, which has an effect on the loading speed of your app something that gives your users a bad experience. Therefore, redesigning your app can be a good idea because graphics and images size can be reduced and designs that are not important can be removed.

Top Brands That Redesigned Their Mobile Apps

Let us look at an example of one of the top brand that redesigned their app and they benefited from it.


Across the globe, almost ninety percent of smartphone users have downloaded and tried on their hands this photo and video sharing app. This was the main idea of the company to support the frenzied popularity this app has in every way possible. Therefore, the Instagram app has undergone several modifications in the past to improve users’ experience. After Instagram redesigning the company said that they have removed noise from the surface and the colour, where users content was given the ability to take centre stage and boosted colour appearance on surfaces such as home screens and sign-up flows.

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